What does Living in Lahore Feels Like?

Lahore is known as the cultural heart of Pakistan as it hosts most of the art, culture, traditions, cuisine, festivals, music, and etc. It has always been a centre for education. Lahore is popular for its array of tourist activities, hostility, food and culture, historical/cultural artefacts.

However, for Lahoris, all arguments cease to matter before architecture, food and culture. Pakistan is very fortunate that many great Sufi saints lived in this part of the world. This specific city happens to have shrines of Sufi saints and spiritual people which rings and keeps the people connected, spiritually.


In Short, Lahore has endless options for a visitor or a resident to have entertainment or sightseeing. For an instance, the artefacts and historical sites are for cultural centric people while restaurants and café are for foodies. Similarly, Lahore is the heart of Punjab and one of the most technically advanced cities of Pakistan with a history of over a millennium.


Culture & Architecture of Lahore City

Lahore is an old city and has gone through many transformations since the second century. Accordingly, the city has passed through many conquering hands, from Hindu, Mughul and Persian to Afghan, Sikh and British. Part of Lahore’s inner city is dotted with remnants of colonial architecture. To illustrate, a magnificent post office, white-pillared government buildings and a stunning gothic-sequel cathedral and churches.

The other part is dominated by Mughul architecture, with shops, markets gardens, and eateries crammed in among the ‘gates’ to the centuries-old walled city. While the third part is the most developed, from modern architecture such as ‘The Skyscraper’ in Johar Town for luxury apartments. Moreover, it falls towards the other architectural buildings such as Emporium Mall and Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town.

Badshahi Mosque Culture of Lahore

Modern Localities

DHA, Cantt, Gulberg, Model Town and Johar Town are listed as the best places to live in the city. These areas have the best educational centres (schools, colleges, universities), shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and whatnot. People who live in the city are called the people whose hearts are alive. Lahore is greener and more paved comparing to the rest of the cities. Living here is generally safe, and there are a variety of sources for entertainment, and attraction still to this age.

Living in Lahore

Lahore is more of a residential centric living location, people tend to live in bungalows, modern homes and villas more than apartments and flats. However, if one wants to have the best living experience luxury apartments in Lahore are the best choice. Moreover, if you find the best apartments within one of the best localities such as Johar Town. Living here can be a dream come true. The Skyscraper by United Lifestyle offers the best luxury apartments for sale in Lahore.