A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the very highest floor of the associate house, condominium, hotel, or tower. Penthouses are usually differentiated from alternative flats by luxury options. The term ‘penthouse’ originally referred, and typically still will refer, to a separate smaller ‘house’ that was made on the roof of an apartment building. Architecturally it refers specifically to a structure on the roof of a building that’s set back from its outer walls. These structures don’t get to occupy the entire roof deck.

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Luxury high-rise apartment buildings have begun to designate multiple units on the entire prime residential floor or multiple higher residential floors as well as the top floor as penthouse apartments, and outfit them to incorporate ultra-luxury fixtures, finishes, and styles that are totally different from all alternative residential floors of the building. These penthouse apartments don’t seem to be usually set back from the building’s outer walls, however, are instead flush with the remainder of the building and easily dissent in size, luxury, and consequently price.

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