What Kind of Blinds to Use In Winter?

As the winter are approaching, you would want to spend more time working in a warm and cozy environment. For the required warmth the use of heating equipment increases. One might want to cut the heating costs and move towards more conventional methods for keeping their homes warm. This can be achieved by covering your windows in order to keep the home warm and cozy. When we talk about covering the windows in winter, the most important question that needs to be answered is what kind of blinds to use.

The best and most effective blinds are cellular shades. When two layers of fabric are bonded together in order to form honeycomb-like pockets, it forms cellular shades. The fabric pockets are effective for trapping air. The trapped air limits the heat from transferring through the window. The entire phenomenon slows down the radiant heat loss and increases the R-value by 3.5%.

Blinds Used in Winters

Draper panels with thermal lining will block the cold air from sliding in. the thermal lining will not only help with retaining heat but also protect the outside-facing fabric from the damages that may be caused by UV rays. Mounting them closer to the ceiling for them to reach the floor is most effective. Using the wrap-around hardware will help to add further protection. Drapery also wins at providing style.

When the two of these are paired together, there is ensured protection against wintry and cold air. Other options may include louvered blinds. These are horizontal slat-type blinds and are effective as well. These not only keep the home warm by retaining heat but also reduce glare.