Top 3 Eateries Around the Skyscraper

Eateries are a great form of entertainment for residents. The skyscraper is not only full of cafes and dining but also located at a great location that has hundreds of eateries in close proximity. Here are the 3 of the most diverse and loved eateries near the skyscraper in Johar Town.

1. Cup Shup Cafe

As tea gains importance throughout the day. Want to sample a unique type of tea in a lovely setting? Check Cup Shup Johar Town the best chai cafe around the skyscraper. Cup Shup is a novel concept that was created exclusively for the Pakistani audience to provide them with tea in a fresh way. This concept was inspired by Starbucks.

2. What a Paratha

What a Paratha serves top-notch parathas, a flatbread. So, if you’re craving parathas and are near Johar Town, you can go to What a Paratha. The restaurant is open around-the-clock, so even if you’re hungry at 4:00 in the morning, you can ask for a delivery to your door. There are both traditional and contemporary flavors available in their selection of wraps and parathas. The eatery is one of the best places around the skyscraper.

3. Yasir Broast

With Yasir Broast Johar Town, the residents of the skyscraper will never feel left out of good desi food. Yasir Broast is a family restaurant dedicated to serving delicious Indian cuisine in a welcoming environment. The chicken and mutton items on their menu are related. One of the pleasant places to spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying top-notch cuisine is Johar town.