The Top 10 Attractions in Johar Town

It’s easy to explore the Johar Town area, with a bike, car or a cab. The dense area is structured with the residential housing surrounding the commercial spaces. Mainly the area is comprised of residential communities and parks, with small commercial markets, however, the main areas are full of attractive markets, communities and long linking roads to the main locations of Lahore. Each of the single attractions in Johar Town along with the residential communities are easily accessible from the main boulevard.

The Top 10 Attractions in Johar Town

Johar Town has evolved to encompass the entire heart of Lahore, allowing you to explore attractions. For an instance, we might think of monuments and stuff, but Johar Town is more of a structurally aesthetic location in Lahore.

Following are some of the buildings, grounds, heritage schools, and medical centers that are considered as the most iconic assets within Johar Town.

1. Aiwan e Quaid

Aiwan e Quaid - Attractions in Johar Town

The Aiwan-e-Quaid is a beautifully constructed piece of architecture within the city. The building is made to serve as a home of ideological training for the youth in the city. The Aiwan is named after the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and is one of the most attractive pieces of architecture in Johar Town situated just around the corner when you leave the canal bank road, towards the Southern Bypass of Johar Town.

2. Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall - Attractions in Johar Town

Emporium Mall is one of the most visited shopping malls in Lahore, located in Johar Town. Located adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre, the mall is home to more than 300 brands national and international. Crafted with one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs, the mall itself is a pleasure to watch from indoors to outdoors. It is one of the locations you must visit if you are near Johar Town.

3. The Skyscraper

Skyscraper Attractions in Johar Town

The skyscraper is one of a kind architectural piece in Lahore. The modern design and look of the building can attract a person from miles away. While countless activities can be tailored for those who want to enjoy the interior of the structure. For an instance, the spa, gym and cinema can provide you with entertainment and relaxation for the daily dose of stress, while the commercial shops can serve you with modern brands to shop at. Moreover, the luxury apartments in Johar Town is something we can’t overlook within the Skyscraper.

4. Expo Center

Expo Center

Expo Centre serves its purpose of a convention centre located at the corner of Abdul Haque Road and Shahrah Nazaria-e-Pakistan. The project is a joint venture of Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates along with National Engineering Services Pakistan. The structure spans around 4000 square meters of land, with a contemporary minimal design.

5. Hockey Stadium JT

Hockey Stadium Sports Attractions in Johar Town

The promotion of sports has been one of the main aspects in Lahore, with countless stadiums and playgrounds all over the city, Johar Town is home to a modern hockey stadium. The stadium projects and promotes Hockey in the city, with a minimal audience capacity and a view from the main Khayaban-e-Firdousi road.

6. LDA Building & LDA Complex

LDA Building and Complex

The Lahore Development Authority head office is situated on the main Khayaban-e-Firdousi road near the hockey stadium. The structure is finely crafted and covered with red bricks to have an unmatched grace in the vicinity. The building is coupled with the LDA Sports Complex with modern sports facilities lodged with cafes and restaurants to have a day spent well.

7. Aleem Dar Cricket Academy

Just as the hockey stadium is serving its purpose to project the importance of hockey in Lahore, the Aleem Dar Cricket academy by the famous cricket umpire Aleem Dar. The academy is serving its purpose to promote and nourish cricketing talent within the city.

8. Choueifat School

Choueifat School - Attractions in Johar Town

The International School of Choueifat commonly known by the byname ‘Choueifat’ is an architectural masterpiece. Located on the Abdul Haque road it is a private school, near the G1 Market in Johar Town. The school is praised by the people for its high standards of education.

9. University of Central Punjab (UCP)

University of Central Punjab

Understanding the plight of education within Pakistan, UCP worked on the have a modern university in the country with state-of-the-art facilities to serve the students. University of Central Punjab has beautiful red brick exterior with countless degree options for the students to choose from.

10. Minhaj Ul Hussain Mosque

Idara Minhaj ul Hussain Attractions in Johar Town

Idara Minhaj Ul Hussain is a mosque and a centre of Islamic teachings in Johar Town. The mosque is made to resemble the dome of the holy shrine of Hazrat Ali (as). The golden dome enlights the surroundings at night. Located near the City School Ravi Campus is just minutes away from the Expo Centre and the Emporium Mall.

Attractions in Vicinity

Countless other attractions are easily accessed through the main boulevard, Abdul Haque road, or the khayaban-e-Firdausi. Modern housing communities and approach highways are near Johar Town, making it a highly accessible and key location within Lahore.