The History of Skyscrapers

History of Skyscrapers

The history of skyscrapers was etched when the first skyscraper ‘Home Insurance Building’ was built in Chicago back in 1885.

Type of Glass Used On Skyscrapers

Glass Used on Skyscrapers

Glass is becoming a more and more common building material for businesses. To improve aesthetics and offer unhindered views, it is used on doors, windows, and in the case of high-rise buildings, on the entire exterior envelope.

The Evolution of The Skyscrapers

Evolution of The Skyscrapers

The skyscraper is an iconic symbol of the modern city. They are towering structures that have come to represent the might and power of our civilization. But how did skyscrapers come to be? And how have they changed over the years? The history of skyscrapers is fascinating, and it’s a story that’s still being written […]

How Do Skyscrapers Curb the Wind?

How Do Skyscrapers Curb the Wind

WIND is one of the most important factors that an architect and engineer have to consider when designing tall buildings. How do Skyscrapers curb the wind? By clustering steel columns and beams in its core. Engineers create a stiff backbone that can resist colossal wind forces. The core of the sky scrapper is used as […]