How Do Skyscrapers Curb the Wind?

How Do Skyscrapers Curb the Wind

WIND is one of the most important factors that an architect and engineer have to consider when designing tall buildings. How do Skyscrapers curb the wind? By clustering steel columns and beams in its core. Engineers create a stiff backbone that can resist colossal wind forces. The core of the sky scrapper is used as […]

How are Skyscrapers Built?

How are skyscrapers built?

Skyscrapers are being built across the country and around the globe. Many buildings seem to be getting taller, more intricate in detail, and more advanced architecturally each and every year. How are skyscrapers made? A skyscraper often refers to a high-rise building with over 40-50 floors. Many built-up cities around the world have utilized the […]