Open Glass Facade Buildings in Pakistan

Open glass facade buildings have sprouted up worldwide in recent years, drawing inspiration from New York’s iconic skyscrapers. So defined, an open glass facade building has a glass frontage that allows for views of the outside world. Therefore, this trend has picked up a pace in Pakistan as well.

Modern high-rise towers such as the skyscraper are designed with open glass facade to give spectacular detail in design with a beautiful outlook. The sheer perfection in the design of open glass facade buildings is one of the most admirable perspectives in real-estate construction.

Features of an Open Glass Facade Building

The glass has special features and looks to maintain the privacy of the residents and the beauty of the exterior at the same time. Each of the glass panels in itself is a perfect piece of craftsmanship.

  • These glass panels get are manufactured from bent glass.
  • It is made of lightweight materials and has a smooth exterior coating that extends from the ceiling to the floor.
  • Glass roofs and skylights give a structure an ultra-luxurious appearance.

The glass panels have specific functions to maintain the security and the privacy of the people inside the structure.

  • To withstand wind pressure, the glass used for glazing must be of excellent quality.
  • Spandrels get made of opaque glass, which blocks visibility from the outside.

Buildings in Pakistan

The majority of contemporary residential houses in Pakistan today feature open glass facades. In most situations, high-quality tinted glasses get utilized to protect the privacy of the home. These glass facades provide a significant amount of value to the overall construction of the house.

Moreover, the modern commercial and corporate towers now showcase their designs with open glass facades. The buildings are crafted in a way that the open glass facades can beautify the structure. While open glass facades are pretty prevalent in tropical countries such as Pakistan, there are several practical elements that we must address to ensure that we are making the appropriate selection.