Is Sky Gym on International Standards?

If we talk about the fitness freaks trying to get their hands on the best apartment, their definition of the best apartment would be related to the gym that skyscraper has and their first question would be is sky gym by international standards? Well, any fitness freak like that can definitely rely on our skyscraper for luxury apartments like these, our sky gym contains state of the art equipment and fulfills all international standards.

Our gym is a multipurpose facility and is made on about 70 thousand square feet inside the skyscraper and it has equipment like:

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE

It allows a person to perform over 70 training exercises related to strength and provides 210 lbs. of adjustable resistance. It is excellent equipment for both beginners and advanced athletes. It is a very versatile piece of equipment that a good gym needs.

Sky Gym at Skyscraper

TRX System

It is a full-body workout tool and benefits both beginners and experienced exercisers. It has workouts for the upper body, and lower body, strengthening the core, or rehabilitation after injuries. All and all, it makes bodyweight exercises even more challenging and worthwhile.

Rogue Concept 2 Rowerg Rower

It is one of the best rowing machines and comes up with many health benefits. It provides a full-body cardio workout and physical therapy. It also has a Bluetooth enables performance monitor that connects to the heart rate monitor and helps to track workouts.

Bowflex C6 Bike

It is the best workout that includes 100 resistance levels. It is Bluetooth enabled and helps to monitor heart rate and can be used with fitness apps.
Other than this main equipment, our sky gym is full of other equipment and machines like kettlebells, boxing gyms, etc.