Ideal Size of Plunge Pool In An Apartment

One of the great ways of enjoying life is having a plunge pool. Plunge pools allow you to enjoy the privacy of swimming pools right in your back garden or rooms. They do not dominate a space and neither cost you huge amounts to maintain them as compared to the full-size equivalent. But when we start thinking of a plunge pool, there are a lot of things that must be considered and most of the questions arise related to the ideal size of a plunge pool in a luxury apartment.

Plunge pools are multi-functional and can be used for everything of your interest. These can be built on-site and their sizes can vary greatly. Generally, the size of plunge pools can be defined in two dimensions; the length and the width. The numbers are related to a 2:1 ratio as compared to the size of an average backyard pool. The most common size of a plunge pool can be stated s 4 x 3 meters and 5 x 2 meters or in some cases 7 x 12 feet. The depth may range from 54 to 60 inches.

However, the plunge pools are typically made to be deep but according to their use. They can be made at the base of an area where water flows to keep cold or as a hot tub. Whatever the way they’re built but they need to be deep enough to submerge an individual’s whole body in it.

Although, this can be changed depending on the space available. Then position it around the best location of your apartment that is sunny or shaded, depending on what you like better. These are some common dimensions of plunge pools, these dimensions can be made ideal when made in accordance to your preferences and needs.