How to Fit a Nursery in a One Bedroom Apartment

Are you worried about your living with your baby in a one-bedroom apartment? Or you are concerned about how the two of you will survive in such a small space with a baby? Don’t panic; though it is a HUGE and bittersweet task, there are countless ways you can maximize your one-bedroom space. Moreover, by following some simple steps you can also fit in a nursery within your small apartment space.

Tips to fit a nursery in your one-bedroom apartment

Honestly, babies do not consume much space, and it’s not as challenging to fit in once you figure your things out. You need to keep your mind open, relax and adapt things one by one as your baby grows. Below mentioned are some tips that might help you this bittersweet task doable:

1. Stay as minimalist as you can

To fit your nursery in your already crammed one-bedroom apartment, the most you can do is to GET RID of your EXTRA STUFF. The practice of living on more petite will be initially challenging, but it will help you keep your apartment organized.

2. Sort your stuff first, buy things later

No matter how tempted you are to buy stuff for your baby, declutter your home before making your purchase. Sell out, donate, or move out things in your storage will help you stay organized and make space for buying stuff.

3. Convert your living room into a nursery

If your bedroom has already reached its capacity, it might be easier for you to use your living room space for making a nursery. Depending on what you’re using your living room space for, you can always create a baby’s corner in your living room.

4. Save your space from cluttering

Follow these simple tips and celebrate the new baby with willingness and without worrying about cluttering your space.