Decorate an Empty Corner In Your Apartment

The “big picture,” the overall impact, and the “wow” factor come to mind. Corner spaces that pose a threat to our plans for a streamlined, interior design can easily be glossed over in the midst of all these grand designs. Here are three creative ways to decorate an empty corner in your apartment without affecting your apartment’s decor as a whole.

1. A Treat for Book Lovers

You can quickly transform a plain, uninteresting corner into a gloriously cosy bookworm’s retreat by adding a corner sofa with lots of plush cushions, a small side table, and a stack of cleverly designed shelves above with a reading light on the underside of the bottom shelf. If you simply enjoy curling up with the newest bestseller, consider setting aside a peaceful area as your own personal library.

2. An Environment-Friendly Oasis

Indoor plants can enhance your well-being and make a space feel more alive and vibrant. Even in a modern or minimalist design, a corner can make a great place to create a small green oasis as long as it isn’t too dark. An interior space can be transformed by strong architectural plants or something a little more unusual, like a big bamboo or a single elegant orchid.

3. Miniature Art Gallery at the Corner

To display art, you don’t need a long, empty wall. A corner can serve as a focal point for positioning a truly arresting work of art—art that causes onlookers to stop in their tracks. For three-dimensional art, such as porcelain or small sculptures, corners are also perfect (and they also serve as a safe haven for delicate pieces, providing solid protection on two sides!). Lighting is essential if you want to display fine art in a corner space, so pay attention to how shadows are cast from various angles to get the best result with the least amount of distracting lighting and keep the focus on the artwork. To Decorate an Empty Corner effectively, it is your choice on what you need for your apartment.

decorate an empty corner