Closest Playgrounds Near The Skyscraper

While making a decision about where to buy an apartment, one of the most important things that people with kids should consider is whether the area has any playing grounds nearby or not. And what are the closest playing grounds near the skyscraper that they move into? Playgrounds are a very safe space for children to develop crucial social, physical, cognitive, and emotional skills that are very necessary for them to gain confidence, improve their coordination and develop critical thinking abilities.

Playgrounds near the skyscraper

Not just kids, but playgrounds also help adults to help stimulate their minds as they provide an intrinsic environment for them to release any negative energy or absorb positive energies. Here are some of the famous sports complexes and playgrounds near the skyscraper;

1. Aleem Dar Cricket Academy

One of the best cricket academies in Pakistan. This academy is capable of turning players into stars. It is centered on its mission of training and coaching the youth to become top stars. Not just this, the academy offers free coaching and free monthly scholarships to children with special needs i.e. those that have a hearing impairment. They are determined on creating polished players who will play not only on a national level but also internationally. They have a very lush green cricket ground that is equipped with high-capacity flood lights, proper nets, proper professional pitches, and a jogging track that people can use for their normal running and fitness.

2. LDA sports complex

LDA promises to provide the public with all that’s needed, they believe in transforming Lahore into a world-class city through their public service. Their mission is to provide public services through their programs based on socio-economics, urban development, etc. and the Lahore Development Authority sports complex is one of those. It is equipped with state of the art equipment that is necessary for the growth and development of children in their playing environment.