Best Commercial Malls In Johar Town

Lahore as a city is an attraction to many tourists, not just because of the diversity but also because of the malls that it has. Commercial malls keep on providing a place to not just meet and greet but to share experiences as well. Not just the tourists but commercial malls are very vital for people who love getting out of their homes for entertainment. These being in a central location provide more convenience to everyone. Malls in Lahore also provide an entertainment hub for the public. The best commercial malls in Johar Town are the Sky Mall and the Emporium Mall

1. Sky Mall at Skyscraper

Sky mall is built by the united group which is synonymous with providing an excellent antidote to the industries of Pakistan. It is a dream come true for people who imagine living just next door to their very own shopping mall. So, if you need your last-minute supplies, want to meet some friends, fun area for children, or need to grab a coffee or some good food, it is all provided under one roof of the skyscraper. It has a huge variety of Pakistani and international brands, a very nice food court, a luxury hotel, etc.

2. Emporium Mall

It is also one of the good commercial malls in Johar Town. Even though this mall cannot provide the comfort and convenience of being next door to people but it has some good qualities of its own too. It has a lot of Pakistani brands as well and has a fun area along with some food brands operating there as well. It also has shops that may have decorative items for your home, jewelry shops or fragrances, etc.