Best Color Schemes for Apartments in Winter

Winters are almost around the corner. With that, it is important to know the best color schemes that would suit your apartment in winter. Let us help you to nail down the Best Color Schemes for Apartments to go full-on arctic tundra. The top shades for winter are:


If you are looking for a bold and classic look to decorate your home in winter, then black is the perfect match. Use warm fabric like velvets and furs to keep the luxurious look alive.

Ice blue

The icy blue effect on the walls and ceilings layered with snowy white accents in the rugs, draperies, and upholstery will add the touches of a mixed winter palette. Adding a gold light fixture will provide a touch of warmth.

Smokey purple

The best time of the year to embrace cooler hues is winter. Smokey purple used along with neutrals will make your space welcoming, fresh and warm.

Warm metal tones

The tonal palette of earthy textures along with some warm metal tones will provide the powerful impact that is needed to make a space look as warm as required.

Chocolate brown

The warm colors like cinnamon, chocolate brown, and tan-like tones provide a sense of richness and homeyness.

Dark blue-green

This hue will bring life to your space. These will have a calming and relaxing impact suited to provide coziness in the colder months.

Creamy tones

The winter whites are the height of coziness. Using a monochromatic scheme to layer the texture creates warmth and interest.

Warm wood

The matte-finished walls will create a warm feeling. The crisp white trim will highlight the architectural details. The rustic wooden look of the saturated walls provides the contrast that is needed.


A calm, elegant and aesthetic look can be created by using color tones like silver and toasted walnut. These glamorous palettes are better when implemented in intimate spaces and small portions.

Iron reds

This acts as a custom decorative paint glaze in your space. Lavish textures like iron red, animal prints, and damasks can be used.